Organic Beard Butter - Unscented
Organic Beard Butter - Unscented.

Organic Beard Butter - Unscented

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- Sooth your beard irritation
- Nourish & hydrate your beard
- Keep loose hairs in place
- Soften & condition your beard
- Great for all beard & hair types
Every man’s beard is different, just as every man is also different. After trying out several beard care products, you’ll ultimately discover your preferences. You will also know what beard care routine is best for your skin type and facial hair. Some men combine multiple products such as balm and oil or butter and oil for maximum benefits.

Most men start their facial hair care routine with a light dab of beard oil before applying the firmer, more solid beard balm or beard butter for a stronger hold and more style. For those men looking for a more lightweight product than beard balm yet one that is endowed with more shaping ability, beard butter might be the way to go.

Acting as a deep hair conditioner, beard butter will help moisturize your facial hair and the skin underneath. With repeated use, this male grooming product will prevent beard dandruff, itchiness, and that awful dry or crunchy feeling associated with facial hair.

Beard Butter Ingredients

Quality beard care products should be made with ingredients that come with really powerful organic oils with proven benefits for the skin and your hair. Although different ingredients can be used in making beard butter, the most recommended ones are Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter.

Cocoa Butter is highly rich in antioxidants and vitamins. On the other hand, Shea butter is an excellent anti-inflammatory fat extract that is easily absorbed into the scalp/skin. You can use both ingredients simultaneously or separately; the choice is yours.

When you consider the oil aspect, beard butter contains both essential oils and carrier oils. When mixed with butter, these oils have outstanding binding properties that produce beard butter. The essential oils component act as a fragrance to the butter.

Commonly used ingredients in beard butter include:

Some “butter” base such as cocoa or Shea
Carrier oils such as Argan or coconut
Essential oils such as Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, or Grape-seed oil
Beard Oil vs. Beard Butter

Beard oil is a light and thin conditioner. The goal of beard oil is to keep your skin and beard moisturized and soft. It also keeps things smelling pretty good if the beard oil has any scented essential oils. It is particularly easy to apply beard oil to long beards.

The main difference between beard butter and beard oil is that the former contains more than simple oils for moisturization and scent. Often, Shea butter which contains lots of vitamins is used when making beard butter. The vitamins not only help your skin but also acts as an anti-inflammatory. This keeps your skin under the beard from itching and helps in clearing out any blocked pores.

Beard butter also gets more easily absorbed into your skin. While beard oils leave the beard looking shiny, beard butter comes with a more subtle finish.

Beard Balm vs. Beard Butter

Beard balm is a hair care product that comes with a great hold, keeps the beard conditioned, locks in moisture, and tames flyaway hairs. Balms are great products that can also double as beard styling agents. Shea butter, essential oils, and natural carrier oils are some of the main ingredients used in a beard balm. Beard balm is essentially a product that ensures your beard looks well-groomed and tamed.

The work and performance of beard butter are almost comparable to that of a beard balm. However, the ratios of the ingredients differ significantly between these two beard conditioner products. Often, beard balm contains slightly more beeswax and less butter. The difference in these ratios allows for beard balm to be better when you are styling your beard but not as effective as a facial hair conditioner.

On the other hand, beard butter is generally made up of natural oils and butter. The main components of beard butter are Shea butter and natural oils. It offers a light hold that is not as strong as that of beard balm, largely because it has very little beeswax or other ingredients that support the stronghold.

Beard Butter Benefits

Using beard butter comes with several benefits, both for your skin and beard. These include, among others:

Softer hair: If you have wiry, unruly beard hair, beard butter helps calm it down and also makes it softer to the touch. It also gives a much fuller appearance!
Soothing skin irritation: For an irritating beard or skin that dries out beneath the hair, beard butter prevents itchiness and that uncomfortable feeling beneath your beard.
Skin hydration: Your skin may be becoming or feeling dry underneath the beard. Beard butter will keep it soft and nice.
Untangle loose hairs: Fellas, we know those pesky loose hairs can get in the way of a clean-looking beard. Beard butter will help keep those loose facial hairs out the way and style your beard!
This might sound obvious or even silly, but just like getting a new haircut or putting on a clean, well-polished pair of shoes, you gain more confidence when you have a well-groomed beard. Before you go out with friends or on a date, it feels great to have a beard smelling of beard butter and other natural oils.

Overall, beard butter is a great product for the look and health of your hair and skin. If you desire to look manly, sharp, neat, and healthy, then get beard butter for your whiskers!

How does Beard Butter Work?

Beard butter hydrates and grooms your facial hair, in a way, that you can't achieve with other beard-care products. It works very similar to beard oil to condition and nourishes the beard keeping it healthy and soft to the touch. Beard butter is closer to a cream rather than oil, making its application easier. A beard butter lies in the middle ground between beard oil and a beard balm. It will not only hydrate your mane but leave a beautiful matte finish that is not too shiny.

Beard butter supports rapid hair growth and provides healthy hair. These attributes are possible because the product contains natural ingredients such as Shea Butter, the main hair growth ingredient. Beard butter also helps reduce the shine of the beard and gives you a more natural look than oily or greasy.

How to Apply Beard Butter

Beard butter is an excellent tool to grow and maintain thick, full, healthy beards. Follow these seven easy steps when applying beard butter:

Thoroughly wash your beard with warm water so that the pores open. You may want to apply beard butter right after taking a hot shower.
Using a dry towel, pat down the beard. Consider running a comb through the beard right after drying it.
Scoop out a small amount of the beard care product from its container using your finger. The exact amount will vary depending on your beard size.
Rub the beard butter in both your hands and ensure the fingertips are well lubricated with the butter.
Apply the beard butter with your fingertips in an upward motion as if you are raking through the beard. Ensure you give the skin beneath a good application of the butter as well.
Next, with your palms and fingertips, rub the beard, ensuring that in a downward motion you evenly apply the butter on your entire beard, including the beard lines.
After applying the beard butter, comb your beard with a wide-tooth sandalwood comb to massage the skin. By massaging your face, you stimulate the hair follicles and boost blood flow to the area responsible for hair growth.
When to Apply Beard Butter

For moisturizing and styling purposes, beard butter should be used daily. The frequency of application should be at least 1-2 times a day, particularly if you are just starting to grow your facial hair.

However, it is important to note that beard butter should not be viewed as a replacement for your beard oil. The essential oils contained in a beard oil keep your skin from itching and flaking. The beard butter is designed to work together with beard oil for best results. The beard butter and beard oil combination is a must-have beauty care item for any man seeking to bring his beard to its full potential. Beard butter enhances the benefits of beard oil.

Final Word

With a consistency that lies somewhere between a beard balm and beard oil, beard butter works to soften your whiskers and is an anti-itch care product designed for regular use. It helps hydrate your beard. It reduces itchiness and can be used daily without causing any discomfort typically associated with oils.

Unlike beard balm, beard butter gives your beard a softer texture and helps in taming flyaway hairs. If you are looking for a beard care product that also adds a bit of healthy shine to your facial hair without weighing you down, go for beard butter. It is also perfect for men with sparser or finer facial hair.

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