• Train your facial hair to grow in a certain direction
  • Distribute beard oil evenly throughout your beard
  • Anti-static which helps with loose hairs
  • Prevent ingrown hairs from growing
  • Remove dead skin cells, dandruff, and loose hairs
  • Perfect for travel size and giving as a gift

A wooden beard brush can offer several health benefits for your facial hair. One great advantage is that overtime a wooden brush absorbs the oils from beard care products such as beard oil and beard balm. This helps the wood glide right through your whiskers. They also distribute beard oils more evenly. This helps to coat your beard hair from shaft all the way to tip, something a plastic brush can’t do as effectively. The all-round coating helps with maintaining hair health and growth. And wooden beauty tools are also anti-static!

Plastic beard brushes won’t absorb the natural oils common in beard products or your beard. When you use an untreated wooden brush, over time, it absorbs the oil to give your beard a rustic, natural, chemical-free coating. As the brush is moved across the beard, it also transfers the healthy sebum and natural oils from the roots of the hair to the shafts, individually coating each strand. This supplies these essential nutrients to every part of the hair strand, thus boosting the blood flow to your skin.

A wooden brush is significantly better than plastic in that it doesn’t snag and pull out hairs. As noted earlier, natural wood is anti-static and when your brush is designed with wide teeth, it greatly reduces snagging which damages beard hairs. Because wood doesn’t create static electricity like plastic brushes, your beard is not likely to snap or frizz up.

The search for the right natural and organic beard oil is no more! Grow a fuller and more voluminous beard without any additives and preservatives. Control beard itch, promote beard growth and effectively prevent splitting of beard and promote beard growth!

Our beard oil comes with all the necessary natural ingredients needed to promote a healthy beard. The ingredients include:

- Tea Tree Oil: Helps prevents and remove beard dandruff as well as preventing beard dryness
- Apricot Oil: Protects beard against harmful sun rays and adds texture
- Jojoba Oil: Helps balance beard dryness, removes beard itch and adds moisture to beard
- Almond Oil: Reduces beard inflammation, promotes beard growth and eliminates dandruff
- Aloe Vera: Adds smooth beard texture and reduces beard inflammation

Beard oil is used to cleanse, nourish, and moisturize your beard, keeping it healthy and strong. The oil also keeps your skin free from flaking and itchiness and flaking-hence why it makes an important part of your grooming.

As a guide, here’s how you should ideally use beard oil based on beard length:

• Stubble: 1-2 drops
• 1-2 inches long beard: 2-4 drops
• 3-6 inches long beard: 4-6 drops
• Over 6 inches beard: 7+ drops (this ensures all strands get coated and roots penetrated)