Beard Conditioner

Once your beard is clean, you need to soften it up with a specialized conditioner. Such a product infuses your beard with both nutrients and moisture, improving its texture and makes it less likely to irritate the skin. Beard conditioner has a dual role: hydrates the skin beneath the beard to prevent dryness and soothe.

Beard conditioners nourish your beard and the skin underneath. They prevent your beard from feeling and getting too wiry and the skin from getting flaky. Beard dandruff is never a good sight on any man. If you notice your beard is feeling rather dry and the skin beneath a little itchy, these are signs that you need a beard conditioner. To achieve comprehensive moisture levels, use it at least one to two times daily.

Hair Conditioner vs. Beard Conditioner

Beard forms part of your androgenic-hair and is controlled by hormones. It depends on the production of natural sebum oils by your body. On the other hand, scalp hair is non-androgenic. To grow, it doesn't need hormones and doesn't depend on natural sebum oils. This makes it important to understand the main differences between beard wash and regular shampoo, and why it makes more sense to use beard wash on your whiskers.

The key difference between beard (androgenic hair) and scalp hair, is that your facial hair grows curlier and thicker, is much more dry and coarse than head hair. Additionally, the skin on your head (scalp) is typically oilier than your facial skin, the reason why regular shampoos turn out to be harsher than a good quality beard wash. This makes regular shampoo okay for your head but not on your facial hair or face.

These differences between your face and scalp, and between head hairs and beards make it imperative to get a quality beard wash and conditioner to accompany it. The two products are specifically designed for your face skin and beard hairs. Usually, a beard conditioner has a beard shampoo that goes along with it from the same manufacturer. Like a hair conditioner, you apply the conditioner after shampooing your beard and rinsing it out.

In most cases, beard washes are made from natural ingredients and only have minimal chemical cleaning agents. Most generic shampoos and conditioners are often made from a mixture of strong cleaning agents, human-made chemicals, and some natural oils.

This explains why your average supermarket shampoo or beard conditioner often comes with parabens, SLS, benzoates, and several other powerful detergents. Most might only contain small amounts of natural oils such as almond oil. On the other hand, quality beard washes and conditioners are typically made from natural oils such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and Castile soaps with possibly small amounts of lye or potassium hydroxide.

Beard Conditioner Benefits

Beard conditioners are moisturizing washout treatments that are specially-formulated for use on facial hair. These beauty care products typically feature ingredients that nourish both hair and skin. They lock in moisture for a more comfortable, healthier beard or mustache. Beard conditioner is recommended because the product is specifically made for the sensitive area around the face.

You are likely to experience less irritation from the beard conditioner ingredients than from the ones used in a hair conditioner. Your facial hair constantly gets a beating from the environments around you. From food crumbs and drips from your drinks to car exhaust and pollution, plenty of unwanted stuff, dirt, and debris lands on your whiskers. Beard conditioners help in cleansing your facial hair of the icky stuff picked up during your day.

A conditioner designed specifically for use on the beard won't strip the essential oils. That enables you to clean the beard without compromising it in any way. Regular use of a quality beard conditioner ensures you enjoy shiny, lush facial hair that is visibly healthy. Beard conditioner is also an excellent beard care product for those men who prefer not to use a leave-in beard conditioner such as beard balm, beard oil, or beard butter/cream. While it certainly cannot be a 100% substitute for a good leave-in conditioner, a beard conditioner is certainly useful for men with certain preferences.

Using Beard Conditioners

Generally, most beard conditioners are presented with a lotion or cream-like consistency, similar to the average hair conditioners. The conditioner must be applied or spread evenly over the entire beard, from the roots to the hair end, including the mustache. Although a beard conditioner is a washout product that you should use after washing the beard, it can also be used on its own on those days when you aren't getting dirty or sweaty. This is why some conditioners are referred to as co-wash or conditioner wash.

If you are using a daily beard conditioner such as beard balm or beard oil in your care and grooming regimen but are looking for a smoother texture that can be applied right out of the shower, consider using a butter beard conditioner. It makes a good compromise as you can wash the beard, apply the conditioner, and you are good to go.

For a beard that is shorter than 1/2", unless you consistently apply the conditioner for a couple of days, you are not likely to fully appreciate its benefits. The consistent use gives the conditioner time to get fully absorbed and work its magic. For a short beard, you will need only a few drops applied throughout the day. If the beard conditioner is not adding enough moisture, applying a bit of beard oil might help.

The weather and climate in your location can impact how dry the beard and skin get, and the dryer the local climate, the more your beard needs conditioning. Remember your skin, hair, and beard are different from your buddies, so use some discretion in terms of what and how you apply a beard conditioner.

The most important factor, however, is how dirty you usually get. If most of your time is spent indoors on the couch, you can probably go for days without having to wash or condition your beard. If you get dirty and sweat a lot, it's always recommended you wash your beard regularly, if not daily, followed by a conditioner to get back the moisture. After all, a beard can never be said to be too soft!

Choosing Beard Conditioners

Beard conditioner is a washout grooming product that is best used after washing your beard. It seals the hair follicles, packing them with all the essential nutrients needed to grow healthy, strong, and soft. What's most important is that the conditioner allows you to jam in the nutrients into your hair shafts before they close when you dry the beard.

When looking to buy high-quality beard products, we recommend you stick with 100% all-natural beard and hair conditioners. You must avoid using any product that's too harsh on the skin beneath or one that can cause itchiness, irritation, beard dandruff, or an overall unhealthy looking beard.

So before picking up any beard conditioner, ensure it's all-natural and suited for your particular beard and skin. It would be a grooming disaster if you picked the wrong product. You will want to make sure it has the key ingredients that strengthen, nourish, moisturize, condition and help your beard grow!

Beards are certainly in fashion; the new fad. But yes, they're also in the workplace, in the sun, in the gym, and will ultimately need care. If you are blessed with a chin packed with thick, luscious hair, you will also need to go the extra mile to keep it nice-looking and clean. And remember, your beard hair is thicker and stronger than regular hair, and therefore your regular shampoo may simply not do. It would help if you had a good beard wash and conditioner.

Any good barber or hairstylist will tell you to avoid shampooing your hair after every shower because hair shampoos can be extremely drying. The hair shampoos chemicals strip the beard of its natural oils, leaving both the skin beneath and hair brittle and dry. However, beard washes, are designed specifically to work with your natural oils rather than against them. Hair washes also provide plenty of anti-inflammatory ingredients.

After using a beard wash, finish the job with a beard conditioner. The right beard conditioner penetrates and softens the beard with vital nutrients and vitamins. Your beard becomes instantly more style-able, and gentle against the skin and that of your partner, instead of being scratchy and scrappy. Used together, a beard wash and beard conditioner work for you. Your beard will be the envy of many men and adored by the women!