The all-in-one beard kit you've been searching for. From our organic beard oil to our organic beard wash and conditioner, behold the kit you've been looking for!

The search for the right natural and organic beard oil is no more! Grow a fuller and more voluminous beard without any additives and preservatives. Control beard itch, promote beard growth and effectively prevent splitting of beard and promote beard growth!

Our beard oil comes with all the necessary natural ingredients needed to promote a healthy beard. The ingredients include:

- Tea Tree Oil: Helps prevents and remove beard dandruff as well as preventing beard dryness
- Apricot Oil: Protects beard against harmful sun rays and adds texture
- Jojoba Oil: Helps balance beard dryness, removes beard itch and adds moisture to beard
- Almond Oil: Reduces beard inflammation, promotes beard growth and eliminates dandruff
- Aloe Vera: Adds smooth beard texture and reduces beard inflammation

Beard Shampoo

During the day, the beard collects microscopic dust and debris that constantly float in the air. Your beard also comes into direct contact with germs, smoke, food, drinks, and odors, as well as lots of stuff from your hands whenever you touch it. Washing the beard daily cleans it of such germ-carrying particles and saliva, and prevents their buildup in the pores that could lead to acne and beardruff.

A quality beard wash product is specifically designed for your beard. It offers a thorough cleanse, soft enough for the delicate facial tissue but strong enough to handle the more dense, thicker beard hairs. A beard wash is designed to work with your natural oils generated by your skin and hair rather than against them.

Beard Conditioner

Once your beard is clean, you need to soften it up with a specialized conditioner. Such a product infuses your beard with both nutrients and moisture, improving its texture and makes it less likely to irritate the skin. Beard conditioner has a dual role: hydrates the skin beneath the beard to prevent dryness and soothe.

Beard conditioners nourish your beard and the skin underneath. They prevent your beard from feeling and getting too wiry and the skin from getting flaky. Beard dandruff is never a good sight on any man. If you notice your beard is feeling rather dry and the skin beneath a little itchy, these are signs that you need a beard conditioner. To achieve comprehensive moisture levels, use it at least one to two times daily.

Mini Beard Brush

Because wood is soft, it gently massages the skin on the face. This stimulates your hair follicles, boosting the flow of blood to the area thus stimulating hair growth. Plastic combs tend to be harsh on the delicate skin under your beard, causing irritation. Blood contains vital nutrients and, therefore, the more it flows to your follicle, the healthier, shiner, and thicker your beard will be.

- Train your facial hair to grow in a certain direction
- Distribute beard oil evenly throughout your beard
- Anti-static which helps with loose hairs
- Prevent ingrown hairs from growing
- Remove dead skin cells, dandruff, and loose hairs
- Perfect for travel size and giving as a gift