• Train your facial hair to grow in a certain direction
  • Distribute beard oil evenly throughout your beard
  • Anti-static which helps with loose hairs
  • Prevent ingrown hairs from growing
  • Remove dead skin cells, dandruff, and loose hairs

So you want your beard to look the best it can right? Our beard comb and beard brush can help bring your facial hair up to par. Our Grooming HUT beard comb and brush will enable you to style your beard the way you desire. Handmade with beech wood, our beard comb and beard brush are made to last.

Benefits of Wooden Beard Comb and Brush 

Having a well-maintained beard takes effort. That is where beard combs and brushes come in. If you didn’t know, your facial hair is much coarser than your head hair. It, therefore, needs to be handled a bit differently. It also needs a different maintenance tool.  Beard combs and beard brushes have more similarities than differences. Ultimately, however, they both help you achieve the same goal: groom and maintain a beard that is well-maintained and free of tangles.

    1. Hair Health

A wooden beard comb can offer several health benefits for your facial hair. One great advantage is that overtime a wooden comb absorbs the oils from beard care products such as beard oil and beard balm. This helps the wood glide right through your whiskers. They also distribute beard oils more evenly. This helps to coat your beard hair from shaft all the way to tip, something a metal or plastic comb can't do as effectively. The all-round coating helps with maintaining hair health and growth. And wooden beauty tools are also anti-static!

    1. Easy Maintenance

If you care about the health of your beard, investing in a wooden comb is a wise investment. Most are hand-cut, which gives them a smooth finish. They don’t pull and tug at your beard. Most significantly, they are not only good looking but easy to maintain. When cared for well, a handcrafted beard comb can serve you a lifetime as they are very durable!

When you need to wash or clean your beard comb or brush, simply run warm water over the tool and then wipe it dry. Use soap to strip the oils that have, over time, soaked into the wood.

    1. Absorbs and Distributes Beard Oil

Plastic and metal beard combs or brushes won’t absorb the natural oils common in beard products or your beard. When you use an untreated wooden comb, over time, it absorbs the oil to give your beard a rustic, natural, chemical-free coating. As the comb is moved across the beard, it also transfers the healthy sebum and natural oils from the roots of the hair to the shafts, individually coating each strand. This supplies these essential nutrients to every part of the hair strand, thus boosting the blood flow to your skin.

    1. Gentle Beard Massage

A wooden comb is significantly better than metal or plastic in that it doesn’t snag and pull out hairs.  As noted earlier, natural wood is anti-static and when your comb is designed with wide teeth, it greatly reduces snagging which damages beard hairs. Because wood doesn’t create static electricity like plastic combs, your beard is not likely to snap or frizz up.

Even when your beard is still in its early stages of growth, the gentleness of a wooden comb or brush helps in properly maintaining your new whiskers. The gentle skin massaging can help stimulate the flow of blood to the hair follicles which promote beard growth!

    1. Hair Follicle Stimulation

Because wood is soft, it gently massages the skin on the face. This stimulates your hair follicles, boosting the flow of blood to the area thus stimulating hair growth. Plastic and metal combs tend to be harsh on the delicate skin under your beard, causing irritation. Blood contains vital nutrients and, therefore, the more it flows to your follicle, the healthier, shiner, and thicker your beard will be.

To get the best results, use a brush or comb that has been specifically made for beards. Combs are, however, best at working through medium or longer hair, especially when you want to untangle and style your beard. Use a brush for shorter beards.

    1. Keeps your Beard Moist

Many beard lovers prefer crafted wooden combs. A wooden beard comb or brush distributes the natural skin oils evenly throughout your whiskers. The same principle applies when you use beard oil. Such products are good for coating your hair follicles for maximum hair growth as they keep your beard comfortably moist. When you opt to comb or style the beard with such a styling tool, the wood naturally saturates itself with your skin’s natural oils as well as beard oils, something a metal or plastic comb cannot do. Effectively, the oil that was taken away from you comes back with each stroke of the brush or comb. This helps to accelerate hair growth. Plus, because of the evenly distributed oils, wooden combs help in reducing hair dryness, a major culprit when it comes to dandruff.

    1. Recommended for Detangling Beards

Wooden combs are excellent at untangling beards without breaking your hairs. Because they also re-distribute oils, your beard not only stays tangle-free and undamaged but stronger and healthier.  This is because wooden combs have crafted edges and their teeth are smooth so as not damage your facial hair. Besides, if you get a comb whose small grooves have been correctly cut, they help in styling and smoothing your beard, evenly spreading your natural oils in your beard.

If you desire a beard that looks nice, thicker, and healthier, then having both a beard comb and a beard brush in your arsenal is an option. Both tools offer excellent health benefits and should form part of your routine beard grooming. If you feel tempted to grab some ordinary metal or plastic comb or brush from the supermarket – don’t for it will be a disservice to your whiskers.

The best approach is to choose a quality comb or brush that has been explicitly designed for beards. And nothing can beat a wood comb for your beard. Compared to either plastic or metal, a wooden comb gives a smoother finish as it effortlessly and more effectively glides through your beard.