What Foods Promote Beard Growth? (7+ Unique Foods That Will Promote Beard Growth)

What Foods Promote Beard Growth? (7+ Unique Foods That Will Promote Beard Growth) - Grooming HUT

Eat Your Way Towards a Healthy And Strong Beard

More than a trait of manliness, today, a beard has become a beauty attribute that men love to flaunt. From grooming their beard with oil and perfectly trimming them, men would do possibly anything and everything to keep their beard in a healthy state. 

There are plenty of ways through which you can promote your beard growth. Apart from all the artificial ways, your diet plays an important role in inducing the natural growth of your beard. Yes, you heard it right, you can actually eat your way to get a stylish beard. No styling products can promote the growth of your beard like a natural diet can. Here we will show you the types of foods that promote beard growth.

Why Food Diet is The Best Way To Promote Growth?

Testosterone and DHT, two male hormones are responsible for the growth of facial hair. There are certain foods that can boost male hormones, eventually increasing the growth of your beard. Furthermore, these food items contain plenty of vitamins and minerals that help in making your beard grow healthier. Following a well-planned diet will certainly help you in promoting beard growth in the most natural ways. Hence, including essential food that promotes beard growth is the smartest way to caress your facial hair. 

Take a look at the below list of foods that are highly rich in essential nutrients for healthy beard growth. Learn more about these foods and include them in your diet to let your beard grow organically. 


Eggs are a great source of protein and biotin, primarily known as the ideal ingredients to promote hair growth. Every man should know how to cook eggs in different ways, not just because they taste great but because they are also a great source of essential protein.

The egg white, in particular, is excellent for hair growth. You can either eat the egg whites or directly apply it as a paste on your beard. The egg yolks are rich in cholesterol that promotes the production of testosterone. 

Brazilian Nuts

If you have ever heard about Brazilian nuts, apart from their unique flavors, they are highly rich in Selenium. It is an essential mineral that promotes hair growth. Brazilian nuts are the most abundant source of Selenium. 100 grams of Brazilian nuts can provide you with 1917 mcg’s of Selenium, which is quite sufficient to promote healthy beard growth. Make sure to grab some Brazilian nuts next time you visit the store. 


The snack that you almost hated in your childhood has now become your savior. Raisins are a rich source of boron, a mineral responsible for beard growth. Foods that promote beard growth

A recent study has proven that a person consuming 100 grams of raisin per day will witness a 28% boost in testosterone and a 10% increase in DHT level. 100 grams of raisin can provide you with 3 mg of boron. So start eating a fistful of raisins every day to see your beard grow naturally. 


There’s no doubt in asserting that omega-3 fatty acids are essential ingredients for hair growth. It helps in protecting cell membranes that protect your hair from breaking. Fish are great providers of omega-3 fatty acids, so adding fish into your diet will not only promote hair growth but will ensure your beard grows stronger and healthier. Though there are plenty of fish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, salmon and tuna, in particular, have this essential hair growth ingredient in abundance. Tuna and salmons are also rich sources of protein and other micro-nutrients essential for hair growth. You can cook them according to your taste and preference. Make sure to not fry them extensively in order to keep the nutrients intact. 


Red meat is also an abundant source of protein, and consuming red meat is a delicious way to promote your hair growth. Beef is also rich in saturated fats and fatty acids that induce testosterone production. It can also provide you with iron increasing your hemoglobin and expediting facial hair growth. A good amount of iron will make your hair thicker and stronger. Give yourself a beef treat regularly to promote your beard growth. 


Just like eggs, cauliflowers are a primary agent of biotin that helps in strengthening and promoting beard growth. Similar to eggs, cauliflower can also be prepared in several ways that suit your taste and preference. You can either roast it, mash it, or make its soup. Cauliflower can also be used as a pizza crust, making your cravings healthier. Next time when you hit the grocery store, don’t forget to add some good quantity of cauliflowers into your bag in order to promote your beard growth.  

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers are highly rich in vitamin C that not only strengthens your immune system but also stimulates the production of collagen, preventing facial hair and skin damage. It also helps in retaining the moisture making your beard grow stronger and shinier. Foods that promote beard growth

Though citrusy foods are generally perceived as the rich source of vitamin C, bell peppers contain 5.5 times more vitamin C than an orange. If you have underestimated this vegetable, now is the time to prioritize it and make it a prominent part of your diet for the sake of your beard. 


There are some delicious ways to promote your beard growth, and consuming oysters is one of them. If oysters are already among your favorite food, then you’d be happy to know that they are brimmed with loads of nutrients beneficial for hair growth. From protein, carbohydrates, calcium, to potassium, magnesium, and zinc, oyster contains all the essential nutrients. You just name it, and oyster will have it. A single oyster is packed with 5 grams of protein, 2 grams of carbohydrates, which are two of the most important ingredient to increase the production of testosterone and promote hair growth. Packed with all these essential nutrients, the oyster can be considered under the superfood that stimulates hair growth. Try eating them raw in order to keep its nutrients intact. 

More than a masculine trait, the beard has become an attribute to flaunt masculine charm. There are many ways to expedite the beard growth, but it is vital to find the most natural way that leaves no side effects on the hormones.

Since the growth of facial hair is primarily regulated by male hormones, food items help in boosting up these hormones, eventually promoting the beard growth. As it is said that “You are what you eat,” prioritizing food items that are known to boost hormones is the ideal and organic way to promote beard growth. 

The Bottom Line

The above mentioned were some of the natural food that you must include in your diet in order to let your beard grow in the most natural ways. If you are worried about the snail-like growth of your beard, then start consuming these foods as soon as possible to get the results. All the food items are easily available in a household, so you don’t have to take any extra efforts to increase the growth of the beard. If you are already consuming any of the above mentioned, make sure to increase the quantity to get the best results. Growing your beard was never easy; with these superfoods, you can simply make your beard grow naturally healthy and strong. Eat clean, stay fit, and let your beard grow organically!