What Are The Benefits of Apricot Oil & Almond Oil for Your Beard?

What Are The Benefits of Apricot Oil & Almond Oil for Your Beard? - Grooming HUT

Apricot Oil & Almond Oil and their Benefits for Your Beard

Beard care and maintenance is a must if you want to develop the kind of beard that will be the envy of all. For your facial hair to be healthy, it needs a good beard oil that ensures not just growth but good looks. You want a beard that sets you apart from the others by having a maintenance routine that ensures your beard is well-nourished 24/7.

Carrier oils have an important role to play in formulating and maintaining a healthy beard. 

It's important, however, to monitor what type of beard oil goes into your beard. That is why investing in a quality beard oil makes lots of sense if you want a beard that will be admired by all, especially her! 

So, why not check out apricot oil and almond oils benefits for your beard? 

What is Apricot Oil? 

Apricot Oil is produced from the kernels (seeds) of the Apricot fruit. It has a close resemblance to the natural sebum that our bodies produce. Apricot oil comes with health benefits and has been used for centuries. It has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It is known to soothe problems related to aching and stiff joints and also works on symptoms of constipation, cold, and cough.  

It continues to be widely used in skin and hair health care because it has hydrating, softening, nourishing, and rejuvenating properties. Apricot oil can be used as a carrier oil for the more concentrated essential oils like peppermint or lavender. If you love mixing different scents, Apricot oil blends well with Rose, Lavender, Rose and many more.

1. Good for General Hair Health

Many people are using Apricot oil on their scalp and hair because it’s good for strengthening weak beard strands. It also promotes the health of your beard follicles. You can use it as a hair mask applied directly to the hair locks and scalp. Apricot oil also helps in reducing inflammatory conditions such as dandruff on the scalp while at the same time rejuvenating dry and inflamed and skin or brittle hair. It adds shine and softens your hair without making it greasy and reduces dry scalp. 

2. Good for all Hair Types

Apricot oil is amazing as you can use it on nearly all types of hair and skin, including those that are more sensitive. It improves the appearance of your facial hair and helps in healing from external hair damage. Apricot oil is especially good at stimulating hair growth and retaining moisture to keep you feeling healthy. Besides adding amazing shine to your facial hair and penetrating deeply, it also softens the beard. 

This oil is also very light and is useful in treating damaged skin under your beard. When fatty acids (lipids) found in the skin get depleted, this exposes your skin to water loss, dryness, dehydration, and infection. By maintaining moisture levels Apricot oil boosts the anti-oxidant defenses of your skin.

3. Penetrates Hair Follicles Easily

Apricot oil is light and thin oil, rich in oleic acid. This will easily penetrate the hair follicles and the skin underneath to stimulate cell and hair growth. Because it gets absorbed fast, this allows the oil to lock in the moisture that was in your beard before application and after. The moisture retention keeps your beard soft and well-hydrated while stimulating healthy growth. The easy penetration allows your hair, skin, and body to benefit from the fat-soluble vitamins present in Apricot oil such as Vitamins A and E. The fatty acids are also useful in filling in the gaps between your skin cells leaving it tight, hydrated, smooth, and toned. 

What is Almond Oil?

Almonds contain protein, lots of healthy fat, and vitamin E. They are also a nutrient-rich and healthy snack. When pressed almonds give almond oil, great for hair and skincare. It’s not only good for your skin and body but your beard. It has a light texture, nutty scent and is easily absorbed into the skin. This is partly due to its unique emollient properties which allow it to prevent skin water loss.

For beard oil, you can either use regular or sweet almond oil but you get the best outcomes when it’s diluted with a good essential oil. This soothing and mild oil is an excellent carrier oil. This allows the almond oil to get easily absorbed making it more beneficial for your facial hair. Because it’s rich in Vitamin E, zinc, proteins, potassium, and unsaturated fatty acids, Almond oil is beneficial for beard growth and eliminating dandruff. 

1. Increases Beard Growth

Magnesium deficiencies in the human body are often the culprits for your hair loss. This causes your hair to become dry and brittle ultimately leading to split ends, something no man wants to happen. If you are facing this predicament, begin using beard growth products known to boost hair growth and stop splits. Almond oil is known to boost hair growth because it has high levels not just of magnesium, but biotin and vitamin E, useful in strengthening facial hairs and preventing loss. 

Some men tend to lose beard hair. The ingredients in Almond oil are recommended if you want to re-grow your hair. If you are looking for a carrier oil that increases and strengthens your beard, choose Almond oil because it has the right nutrients. Almond oil also contains linoleic and oleic acid which are good at lubricating hair follicles and reducing friction as you style the beard or hair.

2. Treats Dandruff

Almond oil treats dandruff keeping your facial hair soft and thoroughly cleans scalp by eliminating dead skin cells. These are the biggest contributors to dandruff. Almond oil keeps dandruff at bay by conditioning your skin and facial hair. This is achieved through locking in the needed moisture ensuring that your beard doesn’t become dry or too soft. The moisture also soothes the hair roots to avoid skin irritation.          

Kind on delicate skin when used as part of your facial hair care routine, the hypoallergenic properties of Sweet Almond oil make it perfect even for the most sensitive skin. It will moisturize and deeply clean your beard to treat and prevent an itchy beard. Almond oil also helps in normalizing the pH levels of your skin beneath the beard. It’s known to soothe inflamed skin thus helping you avoid beard itch while at the same time conditioning the facial hair. Although Almond oil is perfectly safe, you should avoid it if you have any form of nut allergy.


Almond oil can be used alone or mixed with other oils to boost its properties and the overall effect on your beard. The best thing about using Almond oil is that it’s a very natural and neutral ingredient. If you have nut allergies, Apricot oil makes an excellent alternative to other carrier oils such as Almond oil. It will leave your beard soft and shiny. Apricot oil also nourishes the hair roots, keeping both your skin and beard well-moisturized. 

For those who have tried growing a beard, it soon becomes clear that it’s not an easy undertaking as many men first thought. It may take you weeks or even several months to get the desired results and the process requires much care and patience. But the growth of your beard depends on several other factors like the type of oil used. Apricot or Almond oils benefits for your beard are both excellent choices.