How To Maintain & Groom Different Beard Styles (4 Unique Beard Styles)

How To Maintain & Groom Different Beard Styles (4 Unique Beard Styles) - Grooming HUT

Grooming Styles for Different beard Lengths

When it comes to growing facial hair, it is critical to understand that choosing the right beard style depends on numerous factors. There are many different types of beard options to choose from and how to achieve each different styles depend on factors like your facial shape, growth of hair, thick or thin hair, etc. On the other hand, it requires proper tools and products to groom and achieve the bear style you want. The ultimate goal of having a beard is to add dimension and contrast to your face. Different face shapes should highlight specific facial features, since not every style looks great on every man.

If you are wondering how you can transform your unruly beard into the ultimate style accessory, then this post is for you. In this article, we will be discussing the ultimate beard grooming styles for men with different beard lengths and shapes.

The following are the best beard styles to suit both your personality and face.

#1 The Full Beard

Growing a full beard is harder than it looks. It requires dedication and patience. The fuller the beard, the more care it needs and the more complexities you are likely to encounter. It takes months or even a year to grow a full beard. So, you can say that it is a rite of passage that ultimately grows on you. Therefore, if you can manage to grow a full beard, you can achieve anything in life. But as we said, not every style looks great on every man.      

Full Beard – Who It Suits?

To be honest, a fuller beard is the hardest to rock. Men with oval face shapes will find it easy to make the full beard work. However, If yours is a different face shape, you may want to do some creative trimming to make sure that the beard flatters. By keeping the sides slightly longer, narrow faces and angular jaws can be rounded out and softened. On the other hand, for rounder faces, if you keep the stuff around the sides shorter and hair on the front of your face longer, it will help you make your face look thinner.

Maintaining a Full Beard

As said, it is the hardest to rock and sustain. In order to care for and maintain a full beard, follow the given steps:

  • Grow your beard until you have reached your beard peak length.
  • Maintain the length using a quality trimmer. Always brush or comb before trimming and ensure that your beard is dry.
  • Apply beard oil to keep your beard moisturized and glossy.
  • Brush your beard daily using a beard comb/brush to minimize the risk of tangles.
  • Increase the bushiness of your beard by blow-drying it using a hair dryer.
  • If possible, have your beard professionally shaped in the salon once a while.

#2 The Short Beard

The short beard is an understated, more versatile, and office-friendly alternative to the full beard. Celebrities like George Clooney, Jon Hamm, and Ryan Reynolds all have used the short beard style to add insulation and gravitas to their faces in recent years. The key is to keep it tidy. One of the benefits of having a short beard over the long one is that you don’t need to spend time grooming it as it is minimal and precise, and on certain faces, it looks incredibly irresistible. 

Short Beard – Who It Suits?

A neatly trimmed and groomed beard will suit most face shapes, but those with broad jawline and chin can sport this beard style any time. You need to tailor the angles in order to downplay your face’s worst features and emphasize your best.
beard grooming style

For example, individuals with a round face might want to reduce the length at the sides to make a face look elongated. Leaving the sides slightly longer will help add width to a narrow, thin face. If you are not sure about the length of your beard, go to a professional and ask him to trim it down based on your face shape, and then keep up the form at home.

Maintaining a short beard

While a short beard is not that difficult to maintain, it requires neatness. A decent beard trimmer and along with a wet razor will come in handy in managing your short beard.

  • Grow your beard till it reaches 1-2 cm. You need to keep the hair neat using a beard trimmer. Choose one that comes with an in-built laser guide or the one with an edging blade for pinpoint accuracy.
  • When trimming, trim outside the line of your beard, as it will leave enough space to neat it up properly with a razor.
  • With a wet razor, remove the stray hairs on the cheek and the lower neck to keep your visible skin smooth.
  • Never end your beard exactly on the jawline, especially those with a couple of surplus chins. Instead, end it just after the natural jawline.
  • Use high-quality beard oil to keep your beard nourished and moisturized.

#3 The Beardstache

Unlike the standalone stache, the beardstache is a hybrid where the mustache is kept fuller and longer than the surrounding hair. This beard style has become a trendsetter in recent times, with people calling it the hot new thing for men. When done it right, the beardstache can ooze masculinity. The beardstache is a perfect style for those who want to show their experimental side.

Beardstache – Who It Suits?

Although it works well on almost every face shape, rocking a great beardstache requires thick facial hair and a prominent chin. However, it looks great on men with a broader philtrum – the section of skin between the nose and the top lip. It can add hyper-masculine ruggedness to any face, given that the hair is thick.  

Maintaining a Beardstache

Caring and maintaining a beardstache is probably a bit difficult because not only you have to take extra care of your mustache but the facial hair (stubble) as well.

  • To create the look, you first need to grow a fuller beard.
  • Use a quality beard trimmer to trim down the hair around the cheeks and chin at a drawn-out stubble length, while growing the mustache.
  • Ensure that the mustache sides finish just lower than the lower lip.
  • Use a mustache comb to keep your mustache tangle-free. For best results, use mustache wax.

#4 The Goatee

The goatee is probably the most preferred style of beard for men who have a patchy beard. The goatee refers to any beard style that has hair above the lip and the chin only. Several tweaking can be done to this beard style according to an individual’s face shape.

Goatee – Who It Suits?

A goatee is perfect for those who find it challenging to grow a full beard. Goatees look good on angular, slim faces. The key is not to allow growing it too long else it will make your face look slimmer. Moreover, it looks great with slightly disheveled, long hair, but can be worn on short hair as well. Johnny Depp is your answer to a perfect goatee.

Maintaining a Goatee

Although goatees look easy to create, it requires management, precision, and a steady hand.

  • Grow your facial hair to the length you feel comfortable with. Invest in a quality beard trimmer to maintain the length of your facial hair.
  • Using your jawline as a guide, determine where to end your goatee. Stylists recommend you end it beneath the jawbone.
  • Use a wet razor and oil or a shave gel to keep the skin near your goatee neat and clean.
  • There are endless variations to a goatee. Pay a visit to a professional to get the most out of your goatee.


Growing and maintaining a beard is harder than it looks. It requires dedication and patience, along with some great bread care products. If you are not sure about the look or how to apply a beard grooming style, we're always here to help!