Effortless Matching Hair and Beard Styles (5+ Beard Grooming Tactics)

Effortless Matching Hair and Beard Styles (5+ Beard Grooming Tactics) - Grooming HUT

Matching Hair Styles with Your Beard

If you haven’t tried growing a beard you definitely should. However, while beards certainly bring a touch of rugged masculinity and style to a man’s look, it takes some effort to pull off a properly looking beard. A beard transforms your look and people start noticing you. Plus, having a beard is fun especially when matched with a suitable hairstyle.

Matching hair and beard styles are the epitome of masculinity. If, however, like nearly all men, you have been wondering what style of haircut should go with which style of beard— we are here to help out. Below we look at some trending hairstyles that match with different beards.

The Undercut

In terms of modern hairstyles, the undercut stands tall among the styles. Smart, sharp and incredibly stylish, the undercut is fast becoming one of today’s most popular hairstyles. If you are looking for a slick and striking men's hairstyles to go with your beard, look no further than an undercut. For the modern man, the undercut hairstyle suits any age ranging from young to those who love sporting a salt and pepper type of beard.

The length of the undercut and that of your beard should ideally be the same. If, for example, you plan on getting a #3 clipper on the back and sides of your hair, then you should also trim your beard using #3. Your beard continues the trim of the undercut to create unison between the cut and beard. This creates a balanced and even look.

Shaved/Bald Head

Although technically this is not a hairstyle, the shaven and beard look is widely recognized as one of the most “manly” styles that a man can get. The beard nicely balances out the shaven head and helps in adding fullness to your head. In particular, this combination is good if you are heading the bald route anyway. So if the receding hairline is giving you anxious days, consider going for this rugged classic look. Another benefit is that you will not need any additional styling.

Shave your head, go bald and make your well-kept long beard the center of people’s attention. The contrast between a long thick beard and a clean shave will draw all eyes. Commanding attention, the shaved head plus beard combination is not only highly masculine but is destined to attract admiration as it creates an air of confidence and distinction.

Classic Square Crop

This has been a timeless favorite that is perfect on nearly any man, irrespective the face shape or the look of their beard. With a classic square chop, both the top and sides are left to a similar shortish length. Although the actual length is your choice, be aware there exists a fine line between too long and too short—and both can easily ruin your meticulously crafted style.

While this looks good with lots of diverse facial styles, it’s particularly popular amongst those with full beards because it helps add a look that is more professional to that manly, rugged style. Another reason why this style is hugely popular is because of its incredible versatility as it can be worn in several ways. This can range from the messier to the coiffed, perfectly styled.

Beard and Long Hair

It’s possible to work on your hair for that powerful look associated with Chris Hemsworth as Thor, the god of thunder. Also being popularized by several other movies, celebrities, and TV series, pairing a beard with long hair is currently one of the most popular styles. When rocking this dramatic style, ensure that you keep both the beard and hair clean, well groomed if you want to avoid that disheveled appearance and yet retain that movie star, dazzling appeal. 

The Short & Messy

Keeping it short but disheveled and textured is another hairstyle that suits a beard quite well. Similar to longer styles, the voluminous look of a messy and short style means it's more prudent to take a more restrained approach in terms of your beard.

If you want your messy and short style to look really good, try keeping it equivalent to a #2 clipper length. A stubble beard also sits pretty well alongside a messy and short style – it helps to maintain the rugged appearance.

Short Hair with Manicured Beard

Maintaining short hair is certainly not bad. This is a look that delightfully neat and easy to carry. Pairing a beard with short hair is a trendy style and will continue to be among the top choices for men who love easy-to-carry hairstyles. Short hair with a beard is a style that will look good on any man so long as the facial hair is well-groomed

Bun/Top Knot

This is an obvious pairing since the bun was perhaps even designed to specifically go with a male beard. The bun knot is easy to do and it doesn’t distract attention from the rest of your facial look. It will actually flatter all types of face shapes. The beard will balance out the top knot/bun, adding a nice contrast. The hair in a small bun on your head and the beard combination allows your head to remain unified as a whole.

The top knot/bun works well with all styles of beards. Here, however, beard stubble won’t probably work that well, instead try a mid-sized beard about 4-6 weeks of growth, although it will depend on the rate at which your hair grows. This is the look often worn by the majority of men who are not too keen on a lumberjack or the clean-shaven look as it takes the middle path.

Neat Quiff

The quiff is slightly tougher to pull off because it involves hair styling. If you feel ready for the quiff challenge, then try pairing it with a beard for that ultimate and stunning stylish look. The volume of your quiff is should be balanced out with a medium to a small sized beard.

An even, nicely trimmed beard will look the best when paired with a stylish quiff for that classy look if you manage to get all the hair in place. A quiff is a good option if you are unable to grow facial hair naturally.


To most men, when the word “hairstyle” is mentioned, what comes to their mind is the hair that is on top of the head. They don’t always think of the hair on the face. By not giving due attention to how facial hair interacts with a haircut, men are missing out on a great opportunity of taking their style and looks to the next level. The fact is that your hair and your beard are not two separate entities, and they should, therefore, not be treated as if they exist on different universes. Matching hair and beard styles should be the norm!

To achieve the much desired debonair glory, the only way is by synchronizing what is below your chin with what is on top of your head. Therefore, your beard and haircut must be seen as equal reflective parts of one unit. And for that, there are many ways of wonderfully combining stylish hairstyles with beards.  Remember, however, that not every hairstyle looks awesome on every man as we all have different head and face shapes. The ultimate goal should be to add dimension and contrast to your face by manipulating both your hairstyle and beard.