5+ Unique Tips For Grooming & Trimming Your Facial Hair And Beard

5+ Unique Tips For Grooming & Trimming Your Facial Hair And Beard - Grooming HUT

Facial Hair Grooming Tips

Having a beard goes well beyond just growing your beard. You need to keep the necessary things in mind when growing your beard. For starters, the length and style. You have to ensure that your beard matches your job because some employers might have some thoughts concerning the length and style.

No matter what style your beard is, it needs proper care and grooming. Maintaining a remarkable look through proper beard grooming is essential. If you neglect it through poor maintenance, you may experience several complications such as itchy beard, rough beard, irregular shape, and more. This guide is to help you provide the fundamentals of beard grooming that includes brushing, combing, washing, and styling your beard among others.

Caring for your facial hair

Growing a beard revolves around properly maintaining it. Truth to be told, it is easier said than done especially when you have a long beard. It requires patience and dedication in the first place to care for your beard properly. You can care for your facial hair throughout the day with beard balm and oil.

When it comes to training your beard, you can use a comb and a boar bristle brush. This will help sebum, the natural oil you produce, spread throughout your beard. Next, you can use scissors and clippers to trim and shape your mustache and beard, and also get rid of split ends. In order to keep your beard clean and fresh, use a beard softener and beard wash a few days a week. Let’s discuss all the mentioned beard care tactics in a more detailed manner.

#1 Beard Oil

Your beard needs hydration. Regularly washing your beard keeps the dirt at bay; however, it also strips away the essential natural oil from your beard. This can result in your beard becoming bristle and hard. Beard oil act as a leave-in conditioning agent that is designed to balance the natural oils in your facial hair and on your skin. There are plenty of beard oils available to choose from.

How to apply beard oil

The recommended application of beard oil is right after you hop out of the shower. Taking a hot bath or shower will open your hair cells and skin pores, which enables the oil to be absorbed more effectively. Or you can simply wash your face with warm water before the application of beard oil. Ensure that your beard is completely dried off. For the long beard, 7-8 drops of oil may work, and for a short beard, 3-4 drops will do the trick. Make sure that you properly scrub the oil all over your beard including the roots and the patches.

#2 Beard Balm

You may have never heard of or used a beard balm before. It is an excellent beard care agent that conditions your beard while holding in the style you want. A beard balm works somewhat similar to beard oil; however, it has a bit sticky essence that keeps the beard altogether. So, it is going to be a little bit heavier than beard oil but will provide longer lasting conditioning with a stronghold. The application of beard balm is similar to beard oil. Apply it once a day after taking a shower.

How to use a beard balm?

If you are just starting, we recommend starting with less and adding more if required. Only use beard balms that are made of natural ingredients. Start by rubbing some beard balm in between your hands until the grains soften. Next, work it through your facial hair. You will find that not all of it came off of your hands, so always start with less and ensure that the balm is applied all over the beard properly.

#3 Beard Tools

If you want a perfect beard that displays your manhood, you must invest in proper beard tools. It is not all about conditioning and cleaning your beard. Beards can grow faster and in strange ways as well, and you may realize that your beard isn’t cooperating with you anymore, with the strands growing in different directions. Hence, you need special tools to train your beard. Beard tools can help guide your beard to be exactly the way you want it.

Beard and Mustache Combs

In order to train your beard to grow magnificently, you first need to prevent breakage and snagging on your beard. Always use a comb with smooth and tapered teeth for maximum comfort. The size of the comb you will want will depend on how long and how dense your beard is. Using a beard comb can really help spread the products across your facial hair. Use of a beard comb is recommended when applying beard oil or balm.

How to comb my beard?

There are some specific techniques that you must employ while combing your beard. For starters, invest in a beard comb that has both narrow and wide teeth arrangements. The narrow teeth are for your mustache, and the wide teeth are for your beard.

- Hold the comb in such a way that the teeth are pointed upward
- Using a relaxed grip, stroke your beard with the comb in an upward motion
- The goal of the upward motion strokes is to get rid of the bed-beard look
- If you run into snags, gently pull them out with your comb without forcing them out
- Once you have combed your facial hair in the upward motion, comb it back down to your desired shape
- Remember, when combing back down, apply some oil or balm

Boar’s Beard Bristle Brush

Apart from combing your beard, you need to perform brushing as well. We recommend using a boar’s beard bristle brush. A bristle brush is ideal for brushing away grime and dust and evenly distributing the natural oil of your skin. This helps stimulate proper circulation in your face and scalp.

How to brush my beard?

Don’t brush your beard more than once a day. You can brush your beard when you are fresh out of the shower or when you are styling your beard. When you brush your beard daily, it will help loosen any dead skin, dirt, or grime lodged in your beard.

¥ Similar to using a comb, start by brushing it out in the upward motion
¥ And if you have a smaller beard, you can simply brush it down and train it to grow in whatever direction you want


Scissors are a valuable beard grooming tool that’s essential in trimming and shaping your beard. First, you need to get rid of any facial hair strands that are growing in an undesired direction. You can always use electric trimmers to reshape your beard.

#4 Cleaning your beard

The recommended schedule for cleaning your beard is 2-3 times a week regularly. You are advised to use beard wash, and other products like your hair shampoo or body wash soap. Beard wash helps clean the hair strands and the skin underneath while making your beard softer.

Additionally, right after the beard wash, you can apply a beard softener for your facial hair grooming. Always use a natural beard softener that won’t affect your hair or skin.

Final Words

These are some simple steps towards perfectly grooming your facial hair. The steps mentioned sure does take a lot of time, but it is the cost you have to pay for having a beard. Always invest in quality beard styling products, and if you are confused, you can always ask us.